Monday, June 30, 2008

uh oh

I need to confess my undying love for Danger.

I love Danger.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

scoff scoff

I really hate that attitude of "OH I CANNOT LIKE THIS BAND ANYMORE BECAUSE THEY ARE POPULAR FOR TOO LONG THUS THEY ARE NO LONGER GOOD!" I swear so many blogs and people are touting this superiority and flat out refusing to like a band or label or song simply because of its popularity level.

Who gives a shit if everyone wants to say I HEARD IT FIRST? Who gives a shit if frat boys listen to Justice? Who gives a shit if they made a bad song in the past or might in the future? Why can't you enjoy a good thing while it is here?

As a DJ (beginner albeit) I want to do something unique and not discriminate based on how old or popular a song is. Because on the dancefloor, no one gives a shit. They wanna dance.

new shit

Always new shit these days.

Free Blood...discovered them on my friend's now defunct myspace page. Been obsessed with the very few songs on hypem ever since. Grumpy is still my fave but the Never Hear Surf Music Again also gets me with that "I'm hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh hiiiigh Ohio Ohio Ohio hi-o hi-o" bit.

Um finally got on the Crookers remix of Busy P. I really enjoy it.

And Little Boots? Seems cool.

Oh dude also finally started listening to the Tepr albums I got. Was delightfully surprised.

I expect most if not all of this stuff to wind up at Hot Knees next Thursday.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

is enough enough?

I am trying to think of bands ahead of their time (imooo).

So far I have Daft Punk (number one regardless) and Ace of Base (first album).

Oh and I bought the new Girl Talk. I paid five bucks. Eat it suckers.

feed the summer dance animals

Girl Talk somehow always becomes the soundtrack of my summer. I am going to (gasp!) purchase his pay what you want CD. I figure I got enough play out of the one I got from my brother I owe Girl Talk some money. Plus it is a way of letting him know I really appreciate his remix of The Knife by Grizzly Bear.

I do recently have one small problem with mashups, specifically Girl Talk. Gillis himself has a habit of mixing in uh classic rock songs that really aren't any good, and I don't know many people who like them besides dads and guys who fix cars. But yet you play a mashup of Sweet Child of Mine on the dance floor and everyone goes NUTS. Why? Because it is a song they know, and simply that. They can shout I KNOW THAT SONG and everyone will begrudgingly nod "yes, I know, everyone does" or shout like an idiot "I KNOW MAN ME TOO I KNOW AWESOME!!!!!!!!"

But I still love Girl Talk.

Monday, June 23, 2008

small successes

Well we had about (according to Randy who was doing sound) 100 people through the door at Hot Knees Thursday night.

And we made 5 bucks each.

One small barrier we are overcoming in being DJs is people not quite taking us seriously.

One guy who would like to DJ as well is not quite understand that Bri and I DJ together, no one else. Anyone else who would like to DJ can do whatever they want when we don't DJ. Don't like what we are doing? Ask Randy to DJ and get a night, I say.

But I also have friends requesting songs. Which is cool. I like taking requests. But as stated prior, it has to be reasonable. There is a difference between a friend DJing a party and a friend DJing at a DJ set. I am sure we don't seem entirely professional yet due to lack of programs/computers/etc but I want to get that all worked out by the fall. In the meantime, I don't want people thinking "Hey it's just Glenna and Bri, they'll play this for me." Because...well...we won't. Summer/friend or not, I'd like to be taken seriously. This is something I actually want to do and keep doing. I want to keep this up in Kent so that when I leave people in Kent still have it. I want to take what I have learned with me (hopefully to Chicago) so that I can be a DJ in a big city.

When I was in Chicago I think Aba and I yelled at the DJ to play Daft Punk, which fit because well, it's Daft Punk and he had already played some earlier. I don't want to seem like a douche but when 10 pm (or 11 pm rather) rolls around, I am working. Albeit it is a fun amazing job I barely get paid for, but I want to do it as best I can, which means pleasing the crowd. And suffice to say that means music pandering. Going for what 50 people would like as opposed to just 10.

That isn't too much to ask for, I don't think.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I need a better interface. And a better blog name. And to start posting mp3s.

I wish I knew XHTML.

In music news...Hot Knees tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I went for ten years with an incomplete version of the Les Rythmes Digitales Dreamix of Cassius's Feeling 4 U. Off by three whole minutes.

What a difference those three minutes makes. And all those years I thought it just cut off funny.

Yet another very influential song in my growing up. I about shat myself on the dancefloor in Chicago when the DJ played it. I wanted to hug him.

flying high

In eighth grade/summer proceeding/ninth grade I was a mess: I went from the Beatles to chick rock (Tori et Garbage, etc) to POP to Incubus and Radiohead all in the span of two years. Only the Radiohead and even yes, Incubus managed to stick with me as I went into my next music phase after pop, techno/electronica. And I mean pop: NSync, Backstreet Boys, Jessica Simpson, 98 Degrees...I had it all. I think it was a high school thing - starting hs, I wanted to fit in I guess.

But electronic music was pulling at me, with influences like Kid A coming out in 9th grade, Air's Moon Safari way before that (98? 99?), and Groove Armada's odd debut. One song that surprisingly was one of the strong converters to the electronic genre was not that far removed from pop itself, the producer making the radio with hits like Praise You and Weapon of Choice. Yes, I bought Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars by Fatboy Slim and I had a mixed reaction, but Bird of Prey is what really did it for me.

And somehow it still captivates me.


I am glad Bri changed the We Take Requests (because we really hated the NO REQUESTS SIGN at Bsides) to "reasonable requests." I am kind of understanding that sign now...

I mean, DJing is about crowd pleasing and having fun but...just because one person wants to hear some odd or obscure song def does not mean everyone else wants to. In fact, the person requesting is in all probability the only person who wants to hear it.


Why am I such a loser? I still love Bonnie Taylor Shakedown 2k4 by Hellogoodbye. I wonder if that shit would fly at Hot Knees?

i just can't get enough

Muscles is still really big for me. I dunno why. I had the album for awhile, even listened to it, kinda got into like maybe 2 tracks. But now I am obsessed with him.

I finally found the best cheesy remix of Thriller for Thursday, requested by Thishi. It is by Bird Peterson.

Danger is coming out with EP II soon. I still need 9/14 2007. Danger remixes are tight as well. The Divine remix is wonderful.

I wonder if Curses! is any good. I really like a remix of one of their songs, so maybe. I actually really hated it at first.

This DJ I saw in Chicago said he is releasing his own album this year. I really hope it has his remix of Ring My Bell on it. Least I think that was his, because I can't find it anywhere.

this is how it is

For those interested I now DJ at the Green Room in Kent. The set is called Hot Knees Indie Dance Nights. It is every Thursday from 10-2ish, and Bri and I DJ every other Thursday. Maybe I'll also talk about what we play.

I am all over with this blog. I hope this finally sticks.

I keep using Facebook to make my rants/thoughts/writeups on music. Why not here?

Basically it is pretty fragmented and I don't really talk much about each song/artist/etc but I think people are probably getting sick of my constant notes about one or two songs.

I am still really into Divine by Sebastien Tellier. It has a real charm to it.

Some songs just don't need remixing or touched in any way. One of those is Just Can't Get Enough by Depeche Mode. Rly people. Leave it alone. I can't stand being out dancing and hearing that familiar synth opening then followed by heavy club hits that just...don't fit. As homage I am playing the original this Thursday.

Annie! New fuckin track! Miiiiiiigod! Love it. Annie, I have missed you. I'd post it, but everyone knows about Hype Machine by now.

I think if it wasn't so late I would host/post a couple songs but next time.

Wow on never picking up on The Twelves remix of the Black Kids. I do that often, though.

Oh and that fuckin Girl Talk remix/mashup of Grizzly Bear's the Knife and Wamp Wamp by Clipse is tight as shit. Slow, but I think we need a slow song to cool down for a bit on the floor.

Other good stuff planned for this week. The week Sam finally makes it down I am playing songs special for him. I think I'll do the same when Erika finds a chance to drive from Dayton.

My life is about music and dancing. Not sure how I feel about that.