Friday, December 14, 2007

A quick note

I haven't quite solidified my thoughts on Gallowsbird's Bark yet, but that is because I honestly have not had that much time to even listen to it, let alone pick it apart and describe it. I did, however, take my last final today. So expect something soon.

In the meantime, I can't decide on what I want this blog to look like. It boils down to Blogger not having enough templates, the only one I do like lets the text sprawl over the page so much that anyone would become disinterested immediately. Not that that wouldn't happen anyhow. So my options are learning XHTML and XML (and I barely know HTML as it is, I can do this and this and this. And that's helpful if I want to sound like a fifteen year old gushing about whatever fifteen year olds gush about these days. My Chemical Romance?), or option number two is finding someone who does, and will design my blog. And neither will happen, probably, though I'll maybe take a stab at figuring out how to make my own layout.

I also decided in this lull of writing activity that my next score of albums to review will be Radiohead. That will take awhile but I have a whole month of nothing to do but work at my retail job so it isn't that implausible. After having listened to In Rainbows multiple times then went back and listened to some of The Bends and other nice old stuff, I thought it would be fun. Radiohead doesn't exactly need exposure, I just thought it would be fun to visit my high school days when I was absolutely obsessed with Radiohead and thought I was so unique for listening to them. I am from small town, Ohio, so forgive me.

But soon I will plow through all of the Fiery Furnaces albums, and I finally tackled listening to Rehearsing My Choir, albeit only the first half. Their grandmother's voice is slightly terrifying, but when I get there you'll find out. I am also debating if I should host some of the songs. I could do yousendit or something similar, I guess. That's it, look for an actual update about music next time.