Saturday, July 18, 2009

live shows

I rarely enjoy seeing live music anymore. I think it is because I have become a robot. Last night I decided to see my friend Matt Celio's band November Loop at Cedar's in Youngstown. I admit, my intentions were not purely to see his band: they were opening for a cute indiepop band I've heard of before called Casper and the Cookies. I heard of them via their covering Of Montreal (which I drunkenly blathered to "Casper" Jason Nesmith, only to find out today, embarrassingly, he was in OM at one time. Shoulda done my research prior), and had a couple other tracks so I wanted to hear more.

I was drunk so that may have helped, but I had so much fun. My friend and I were the only two people dancing during most of the set, eventually we dragged some people out of the depths to dance with us. But really, their set was so damn cute (Amber kept saying "I want to take them home with us!") and so full of energy that I couldn't help myself.

I am not one to write much on music as you can tell by my blog, so I'll just let you take a listen.

Casper and the Cookies - Krötenwanderung
Casper and the Cookies - Penelope (Of Montreal Cover)

Oh yeah, if you like it go buy their cd:
Or give them a listen on myspace:
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matthew said...

I did take them my home with us! They were fun

Bridget said...

I had a lot of fun that night, too. It was good to see you.