Wednesday, July 15, 2009

i should be sleeping

But instead, here is a story for you. It requires your imagination. Also some ignoring of laws of physics. But stories are all about what is not probable becoming probable, right?

Continuing, let's imagine there is this guy who one day discovers that his ability to break wind is more powerful than the average guy. I'm talkin toots that blast. He is alarmed at first, but decides to take advantage of this power, harness it. He then uses his powerful farts to blast into space, because he's always wanted to go into outer space. He farts right through the earth's atmosphere. He farts up higher and higher, each blast propelling him further and further out into space. He's pretty far up from earth when he realizes something: he can see the planet Mars. What better way to acknowledge this sight than to casually point it out? "Mars," he says nonchalantly.

Then he just zooms through space a bit more.

And now you know the story of the song Mars, by Fake Blood.

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