Monday, November 23, 2009

new series: SILF day one

Earlier this year I did a [sporadic] week series on my favorite mashups.

Now I'd like to do a week of SILF (Songs I'd Like to Fuck)

First is the Aeroplane Italo 84 Remix of Kilometer by S├ębastien Tellier.

Initially this remix sounds like just another remix of Kilometer (of which there are many). But starting from 3:13 on, where it starts to mellow out with the background melody that gradually and gradually is brought to the forefront when it finally explodes at 3:43 is ultimately orgasmic. Those 30 seconds of build are the audio foreplay to the final minute (plus) of absolute FUUUCK.

Sorry for that paragraph, but seriously, everytime 3:43 hits I always have to close my eyes and ride that high and if I could word it better I would but. I can't.


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